Ronald P. Dues

Executive Director

In a lucky turn of events for ILW, Ron Dues decided he wanted to work for Illumination Works in 2012, but only after 7 years of convincing from Jon. Ron stays adamant that he has NEVER taken a job for money, only for opportunity and said it was the same for this move. He will tell you that one of his main interests is breaking large complex problems into small fundamental pieces in order to understand and solve the underlying issue. This was apparent when I realized he was the culprit for implementing our company’s yearly strategic planning process.

Equipped with a Master’s degree in computer science from Wright State University, Ron has tackled more than a few technical projects in his career. He designed, created, built, implemented and even maintained an entire credit card payment system for the largest eyeglass company in the world. Not to go into too many details, but this payment system will never compromise the card information of its users; because of the way it is set up, that kind of breach is impossible.

Interestingly enough, Ron is an executive member of the USA Powerlifting branch, which is the U.S. representative of the International Powerlifting Federation in Luxembourg, Germany. Cardio is a complete stranger to Ron. Ironically, his wife hates lifting but is a devoted marathon runner. Talk about opposites attracting and not to mention one really fit couple.

His family is fanatical about Disney. How obsessed are they? He gave his two daughters, 15 and 20 years old, the choice to go to Europe, Hawaii, or Disney- keep in mind they went to Disney each year for the previous 8 years- what do you think they chose? …If you said Hawaii or Europe you’re incorrect.