Jerry A. Hamberg

VP of Commercial Division

With over 25 years of experience and 17 of those in consulting, Jerry brings a very diverse knowledge base to the Commercial Division. Throughout his career, Jerry has specialized in development, data architecture, project management, technical leadership, technical sales support, practice development, enterprise data warehousing, and most recently big data.  He is passionate about Illumination Works, and his favorite part of our company are the people, “Our people are not only are the best people technically in the city, but they are also the most personable and fun.”

Jerry is the ultimate coach. He has coached his children in almost every sport, coaching in lacrosse, football, baseball, basketball, and a stint at coaching wrestling. His coaching doesn’t stop in the youth leagues, Jerry brings his coaching mindset to the office by always guiding and mentoring our sale and delivery leadership team.

As an electrical engineer graduate from Wright State University, Jerry is a problem solver. He truly enjoys taking a challenging problem and finding the most effective way to solve it. Jerry was an instrumental part of building out our entire commercial division almost 6 years ago. Before Jerry joined the team, Illumination Works only worked with the public sector. With the help of Gary and Jon, the three of them shared a small space and grinded hard until we had steady lines of business with our clients. Taking on a crucial role in recruiting and sales, Jerry worked hard until he eventually hired recruiters and sales people to continue building the commercial division to what it is today. He has not stopped pushing the growth of our commercial division and the growth of our company as a whole, eventually hoping to expand beyond the Ohio state lines.

Jerry has 3 children, Sabrina, Ryan, and Jake. As mentioned before, Jerry is a fantastic dad and spends most of his time outside of work with his family coaching sports, playing sports with his children, and boating at Lake Cumberland. Jerry’s wife Christina runs Sheltered Paws, a nonprofit organization that saves thousands of animals from being euthanized, helps them find foster families, and ultimately finds them permanent homes.