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Project Management Support

ILW provides Project Management support levering PMI-based expertise as well as focused SDLC best practices including AGILE and Iterative project services. ILW PM’s do more than track project milestones and deliverables. As an integral part of successful project execution, we proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential crisis, devise contingency plans, define project success criteria and facilitate the involvement of key stakesholders throughout the project life cycle. ILW PM’s have been consistently recognized for their communication skills, collaborative style and focused expertise that they bring to bear.


Process Improvement & Modernization

Today’s budgetary reality means you have to ensure that processes are efficient, information is timely and correct, and excesses in manpower and other resources can be effectively diverted to critical-path items to ensure success. The challenge is in identifying what is excess, what can be streamlined or eliminated, and what efficiencies can you garner out of already lean processes?

ILW’s approach to process improvement is driven by a comprehensive process and information flow analysis. Our BPM experts concentrate on understanding the as-is state of the processes, and most importantly the data or information flow behind the business processes. These processes are modeled with their current state roles and responsibilities and their critical data flow items or information exchange requirements are captured. By ensuring an accurate model of the current-state process is constructed, we ensure a solid baseline of performance optimization that can be measured.


Business Analyst Support

ILW provides Business Analyst support in conjunction with our other technical offerings or as augmentation to existing teams. Our BA’s use best practice analysis techniques to define project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders. Our BAs have played key roles in Enterprise IT Development efforts and have been recognized for effectively communicating expectations, accurately estimating the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals, drafting and submitting budget proposals, proactively managing project expectations with stakeholders and senior management, and driving projects to successful completion.