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Enterprise Architecture

Illumination Works’ enterprise architecture development processes are based on industry and DoD best practices, along with years of practical application and experience delivering comprehensive Enterprise Architectures and Information Support Plans to acquisition program offices.   Enterprise Architecture (EA) artifacts are the crucial source of information for ISPs. Illumination Works architects are conversant with all aspects of the 1.5 and 2.0 versions of DoDAF. Illumination Works recommends using the views defined by DODAF 1.5, as they are better supported by both commercial and government tools, though the selection of the architecture framework will ultimately be determined by each customer. Broadly speaking, the EA artifacts to be developed may be categorized into four areas: Summary, Operational, Systems, and Technical/Standards Views. Illumination Works leverages an Integrated EA and ISP Development Process. These phases are appropriate for iterative delivery of EA and ISP products throughout the acquisition lifecycle and applicable for Automated Information Systems (AIS) or Weapons Systems. Illumination Works has the process, architecture and standards know-how to develop complete and accurate EA and ISP artifacts from their foundations through all of the acquisition milestones and can fully support your efforts. View our Accelerators to see how ILW can help your company!