Business Insight & Analytics



Business Intelligence

ILW has significant experience in developing integrated rollups and composite business process reporting across numerous vertical industries as well as the Depart of Defense supply chain. ILW consultants have developed retail key-performance-metrics, call center utilization metric applications, transportation pipeline tracking dashboards, vendor compliance dashboards, data quality reports, widget-based customizable item-manager dashboards, intransit-visibility applications, and event-driven analytical applications for core DoD assets. Our BI approach is business process based – and has enabled our customers to realize enhanced profitability, real-time inventory management and process improvements based on managed key performance indicators.


Big Data

There are more than 12 terabytes worth of Twitter posts created every day. A four engine airliner can create hundreds of terabytes of data in just one trip. How do we mine value from that kind of data volume?

Illumination Works is addressing our customers Big Data needs with custom solutions designed to address current volumes as well as future data growth. Illumination works uses the latest technology to acquire, organize and analyze these immense volumes of data at unbelievable speeds.

Use Illumination Works’ Accelerators to help your business understand and implement technologies like highly parallelized databases, Hadoop, NOSQL and other Big Data technologies.


Create Revenue and reduce Cost through Business Analytics.  Joining internal and external data provides fresh, competitive insights.  Merging numerous data silos creates business leverage.  The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.   Achieve more with better provisioned business intelligence, research, web analytics, information retrieval, data mining, and other related disciplines.  Give them all the relevant internal and external data.   Face the challenge that external data availability is massive, overwhelming, and growing at an exponential rate.  Overcome the deluge of internal and external structured and unstructured information.

The ‘Data Lake’ concept is a ready answer.  Deploy structured and non-structured data-centered architectures.  Minimize silos.  Process disparate sources with little friction in a scalable, distributed environment.  Scalable, Agile computational resources grow seamlessly.  The ‘Data Lake’ holds masses of unrelated data.  Fill it as needed.  Understand it when needed.  Structure is discovered for the data on demand.  The expensive tradition of applying data to a ridged, predetermined structure is cast off.  Understanding arrives faster and with greater value.   Data no longer restrained by initial storage design decisions is exploited more competitively using ILW Accelerators.



Event Driven Analytics

Is your organization ready to take the next step in operational Business Intelligence? With the ever growing amount of historical and live data in our data warehouses, how do organizations take advantage of that information? Dashboarding and historical reporting provide in-depth insight into the past status of inventory levels, mission readiness, capacity levels, force readiness, but most often too late to take action to prevent undesirable results. With manpower reductions and the constant push to become more agile with less, organizations need to have real-time or near real-time actionable intelligence.

Based on our work with the US Air Force Positive Inventory Control, Illumination Works has the expertise to help your organization take the next step in the evolution of your Business Intelligence. With Event-Based Analytics and our complex event processing methodology, shipments that should not occur can be stopped, inventory can be reordered, training can be scheduled, and units that fall below mission readiness can be notified-all driven by the data that is already available.