Application Development & Integration Services



Service Oriented Architectures

The sharing of data across enterprises or even within enterprises (across domains) often consists of complex data exchanges between disparate data sets and applications resulting layers of custom coding and data interfaces. Data is often sent via point-to-point interfaces and business logic is duplicated in order to make data useful and understandable.

ILW has helped numerous customers, including the Department of Defense with these challenges. By leveraging a business-process approach to understanding and developing integrations within an enterprise, ILW has developed SOA infrastructures and processes that have led to consistency in data sharing and reduction of software development costs by encapsulating key process functionality in a service layer. By leveraging core data sharing and business process encapsulations, new applications and integrations can be developed at a more rapid pace.

ILW can leverage our SOA expertise to help your business with its data sharing and integration challenges.


Application Development

ILW has successfully developed, tested, deployed, and managed numerous enterprise-level IT systems for commercial industry and the federal government. Our approach to managing and executing software development efforts are based on and AGILE approach to development and have allowed us to develop and maintain our customer’s critical applications thru numerous incremental and major releases. Our Accelerators are ready to help improve your business today!

ILW consultants have worked on the following types of applications: inventory applications, POS systems, integrations between POS and ERP environments and demand leveling systems.

ILW consultants have core skillsets in JEE, .NET as well as numerous frameworks and related technologies.