In all endeavors Illumination Works (ILW) seeks to bring you game changing business Accelerators.  ILW builds these Accelerators in our Innovation Lab in the knowledge that progress in Program Management, Software Engineering, and Business Intelligence is relentless.  The constant emergence of new technology is disruptive.  Consider today’s supply chain forged to move thousands of parts together for every unit of manufacture.  3D Printing will disrupt this entire supply chain and all companies involved.  The results in the marketplace may be ruthless.

Businesses embracing the march of progress will thrive and ILW wishes to serve.  In solution engagements ILW strives to disseminate the latest tools and techniques to elevate your business.  Leverage new technologies into present investments.  May the disruption occur elsewhere!



Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence

ILW has extensive expertise in the largest enterprise data warehouse implementations.  ILW Accelerators focus on delivering best quality from traditional Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), in-memory RDBMS, and Big Data Architectures.  All are well served by experience in key requirements analysis, design, and agile development.  Enterprise data modeling, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) configuration, RIA Framework implementation, data quality implementation, data lineage definition, data profiling, business rules documentation and Master Data Management (MDM) are among the key Accelerator products.   Operations and sustainment support across multiple products and environments is stock-in-trade for Government Consulting Serivces. Read more…



Application Development & Integration

Ideas eventually become Business Value.  The process governing Ideation to Business Value delivery defines success.  ILW Accelerators focus on making this process as effective as possible for every unique situation.   ILW Engineers deliver within large enterprise environments in the shortest cycle times possible. Over the past seven years, ILW has successfully developed numerous capabilities with Web Services, Commercial Off the Shelf products, portal application integrations, and custom RIA, Java and .NET based applications.Read more..



IT Program Services

Success requires leadership. Key to the successful implementation of any software project are the abilities of the project team to be effectively managed and proactively communicate with key stakeholders and senior management. ILW program services focus on best of breed tools and processes to enable full solution development lifecycle management. ILW experiences indicate that one size doesn’t fit all.  ILW Accelerators suite a number of agile, iterative, and waterfall methodologies.  These processes drive development tasks, facilitate effective communication, manage project deliverables, and ensure quality code delivery.Read more..



Data Management & Integration

ILW has leveraged its extensive expertise in the many diverse disciplines of data management to create an Integrated Data Management Framework or IDMF. The IDMF Accelerator is composed of a step-wise process guide, with proven and industry best practice modeling and mapping templates, and profiling and conversion guides.  Accelerators offer tools and techniques to deliver standardized and automated operational and data quality reporting. The IDMF Accelerator has applications for data mart construction, data warehouse implementations, Data Migrations (Including ERP), MDM and Data Governance initiatives. Read more..


Enterprise Architecture

ILWs’ enterprise architecture development processes are based on industry and DoD best practices.  Our EA Accelerators augment the techniques of many commercial frameworks.  Years of practical governmental application and experience delivering comprehensive Enterprise Architectures and Information Support Plans to acquisition program offices also allow a deep understanding of EA Compliance and road Maps. Read more..