Cutting-Edge Front-End Development

ILW is building a platform of revenue-generating web applications using the latest front-end technologies for an enterprise-level retail chain.

ILW is working in Agile teams and leveraging component-based industry standards to unify separate large applications codebases to share a screen within a single web application.

Key Results


Upgraded existing infrastructure to take advantage of the latest tools on cloud-based clustered servers

Developed front-end components to communicate with the infrastructure in NPM ecosystem

Built services and micro-services to communicate with new components

Worked inside robust, PCI-Compliant eCommerce systems

Collaborated and trained disparate vertical teams to create better and standardized code

Provided legacy system support and upgrades during infrastructure overhaul

The Results Were Amazing

ILW Consultants predicted future supply chain risks utilizing availability data, fleet usage, and parts reliability data. Real life results included right part, at the right time and decreased time item managers spent gathering & massaging data. Consultants used various data science technologies including, Python, MySQL, Sklearn, and R.

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