CBM+ Text Mining and Analytics

ILW experts are transforming our clients’ raw data into actionable intelligence by leveraging modern tools in advanced analytics and text mining.

ILW supported a vendor request to showcase data science and text mining/analytics capabilities in a real-time demo in support of desired Condition Based Maintenance (CBM+) outcomes. ILW applied modern text mining, advanced machine learning, and sound statistics to quickly analyze, mine, cleanse, merge, explore, and expose maintenance text data for CBM+ insights.

Key Results


Improved overall accuracy of enumerated codes from 70% to 90%.


Short proof of concept showed vast value in text mining methodology.


Applied advanced text analytics to look at correlations between free text and categorical variables.


Provided valuable feedback to the maintainer on the quality and descriptiveness of maintenance notes.

Text Mining and Analytics Outcome

ILW Consultants created a repeatable process for the vendor.

  • Establish word relationships in Bag of Words (Bow) model.
  • Use machine learning to deduce meaning form free text.
  • Perform statistical inference to predict likelihood of occurrence.
  • Improve overall accuracy of enumerated codes.
  • Quantify information to identify drivers. associations, and ambiguities, and define source dictionaries and ontologies.

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