Air Force Supply Chain Analytics

ILW is using advanced analytics to model the supply chain for an Air Force weapon system and increasing the readiness, efficiency, and availability of planes in the fleet.

The availability of planes in the USAF fleets are severely impacted when parts necessary to fly are unavailable following the failure of installed parts. ILW is developing a robust and efficient methodology to identify long-term trends and less obvious indicators to predict which parts will lead to mission incapable incidents that are likely to have long durations, effectively grounding the planes. The goal is to find issues that are not foreseen by the USAF item managers.

Key Results

Design a predictive model to rank parts based on the risk the parts present to the supply chain.


Identify probable severity of the risk and actionable information needed for item managers to prevent future problems.


Redesign faulty metrics to be statistically robust for repairables.

Provide a road map to address the identified supply chain problems.

The Results Were Amazing

ILW Consultants predicted future supply chain risks utilizing availability data, fleet usage, and parts reliability data. Real life results included right part, at the right time and decreased time item managers spent gathering & massaging data. Consultants used various data science technologies including, Python, MySQL, Sklearn, and R.

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