Illumination Works elevates businesses with a playbook to deliver more revenue.

Modern, innovative, disruptive technologies offer new key abilities. Get these abilities! Planned in the Innovation Lab, Illumination Works Accelerator Toolkits stand ready to deploy. Business Accelerators target fast customization of key abilities and immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

An ILW Accelerator Took Kit includes a:

  • Multi-point plan to Assess and evaluate business and deliver improved revenue driving technology
  • Business friendly, scalable, secure and efficient assessments, customized Frameworks, and implementation roadmaps
  • Model to deliver Technology and a quantifiable value, ROI
  • Collaboration tool with inherent visibility and traceability
  • Knowledge transfer to customer teams


An Accelerator deployment runs in three concurrent phases suitable to iterative or agile delivery modes.

Action Plan

Action Plan

Deploying the technology, increasing revenue, starting the virtuous cycle of improvement



Customizing the hundreds of key abilities in each tool kit to specific needs



Understanding who, what, where, when and how the new technology applies to each situation

Illumination Works’ main goal with each deployment is to earn the right to show customers the next Accelerator Toolkit. At any given time 10% of Illumination Works’ staff is engaged in the design of new Accelerators. Illumination Works is your long-term innovation partner. Grow revenue through innovation!

Learn more about Illumination Works Accelerators. Please select below and provide your information below to access to the Accelerator Whitepapers

Digital Marketing Accelerator
Agile for Teams Accelerator
30 Day Program Recovery Accelerator
Requirements Management Accelerator
Big Data Accelerator


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