Trusted Air Force Partner, DoD Supplier, Commercial Solutions Provider

Jonathan MitchellIllumination Works (ILW) began with a simple notion in a complex field, Air Force Supply Chain Management. Employees and clients appreciate that ILW is a company founded on frank sensibilities, core values, and the mantra that we “get things done”. Our simple notion is just that, “Get things done!” Experience has shown that simple rules will always generate smart, complex, successful behaviors.

Come see ILW Associates model the way. They show clients how to get things done. ILW clients see results based on our simple notion and driven by ILW’s ever-emergent, complex capabilities. ILW Accelerators offer modern techniques in Program Management, Software Engineering, and Business Intelligence that frame our expertise.  Accelerators are tool sets compounded from that simple notion. Fractal growth occurs with innovation and training.  ILW teaches and delivers constantly using our latest and greatest Accelerators in our solutions engagements.

Ultimately getting things done involves the ILW Associate spending some time in the Innovation Lab. There ILW looks over the horizon for the next great solutions. Accelerators are built, taught and deployed. Let’s work together and elevate your business. Let’s get things done!

Jon Mitchell