CDO cloud strategies are becoming paralyzed by massive on-premise data gravity. The heavy decision of selecting what could be the wrong cloud vendor or wrong cloud strategy is delaying cloud migrations. To delay a cloud migration is to delay the success of your organization. Luckily, there are vendors out there who are focused on hybrid on/off premise solutions and cloud agnostic capability to address data gravity and enable the data assets for future needs with cloud SaaS low-cost tools.

Trends suggest that many executives are aware of hybrid cloud solutions but are unaware that storage options have addressed the data gravity challenge. For example, Pure Storage, a company based out of Mountain View, California has a product that allows CIOs/CTOs to see a path to remove legacy platforms from the data center with a “hybrid cloud” strategy. Pure Storage provides fast on-premise data storage, while replicating data in the cloud addressing disaster recovery and cloud scalability as early as today. Once your data gravity has shifted to the cloud – the SaaS, IoT and AI capabilities are endless.

This is obviously easier said than done. That’s where Illumination Works’ consultants come in. We are the “how do we implement this?” in the equation. With years of agile project management experience in big data implementations and massive data strategies for Fortune 500 companies, our consultants will help use Pure Storage’s platform, FlashBlade, using their proprietary DataHub to start you off with a hybrid cloud solution.

Do you want to learn more about addressing the data gravity challenge?

Contact our sales team at to request an invite to Pure Storage and Illumination Works’ live event in January 2019 or learn more about how we can solve your issue.


Illumination Works (ILW) has over a decade of enterprise data management experience ranging from traditional data warehouse (DW) environments, big data (data lakes), and cloud (DW, data lakes, data hubs).  ILW provides agile project leadership supporting enterprise-level projects while applying disruptive technology for Fortune 500 companies.  ILW consultants partner with companies like Pure Storage to implement their tool set to meet your business needs.

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