What is the newest and quickest way organizations are changing today? Processes, activities, cultures, and competencies are usually changed profoundly during large scale digital transformations. How can you tell if a complete digital transformation is right for your company? Well, maybe it isn’t…

During my research I found that the digital transformation trend is so new that there isn’t one way to do it. There are however a few anecdotes:

1.) Collaboration is Key.
2.) Organization leaders must be early adopters & drive change.
3.) The culture must accept and encourage failure.
4.) You ALWAYS need to have a specific goal in mind.

Having a specific end goal is the most important aspect of a digital transformation. In order to get there you need to have business relationships you can count on. Dysfunctional upper management and non-cooperative teams will send you in the opposite direction of your goal. Employee’s confidence in upper management will also be crucial – the employees need to be 100% committed to any changes coming. Having an environment that supports and fosters change, as well as provides an area for idea sharing and innovation, makes the transformation process more seamless. With that being said, the process of digital transformation will have its fair share of bumps in the road. Having support from your fellow “cast members” helps accept, encourage, and smooth out those inevitable potholes. Failure is good in fast growing/changing companies. The workers around you that welcome change, have the ability to work well with the whole team, learn from failure, and fully support the end goal will help an organization achieve anything. In this case, digital transformation.

A great example comes to us in a time where a single computer could take up an entire room. JFK had a vision; his vision was to put a man on the moon. That was his specific end goal. While visiting NASA, he approached a janitor and asked him, “What are you doing?” The janitor replied, “I’m helping put a man on the moon.” If I’m not mistaken they achieved their goal and completely changed the world. What problem do you want your employees to solve? It must be the end goal. Are you making coffee just to wake yourself up? No. That coffee is fuel to reach your goal.


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